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A pussy that has been punished by the dick for years and finally just caved in creating massive meat curtains and a gaped orifice. Extreme cases can manefest themselves as a prolapsed vagina(aka pussy hole actually hanging out).
Damn that bitch had some busted pussy, i just fell in and slide down like i was on a Six Flags water slide.
by Datnigga February 27, 2007
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a place in miami fl where you see skios and drug dealers and crackhouses and projects
yo i just went to opa-loka and got so crack and some head
by datnigga March 26, 2005
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The slimy fluid that comes from a girl pussy after she has had multiple orgasms. (not regular pussy juice)
I had that bitch nuttin so bad when i pulled out my balls were covered wit pussy pudding.
by Datnigga July 18, 2004
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Basically this words is yet another slang term for "semen".
Bitch keep suckin till you taste this dick gravy!!!
by Datnigga May 04, 2004
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Diarrhea thats a little more runny than normal buttmud. Often the result of being sick or drinking to much without eating.
""That nigga had some serious watershit last night, no chunks at all shit was slicin up his assmeat."
by Datnigga May 29, 2006
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another slang word invented by me to demote "pussy" in particular pussy so good it causes pussy juice to leak down the legs of the female.
damn that bitch had some good wetleg
by Datnigga September 30, 2004
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the old owner of rocafella records the asshole of the company
jay: yo dame is a fuckin dickhed Cam'ron:no he is not
by datnigga March 26, 2005
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