A remarkably romantic, good-looking, and charming individual, who is highly desired by women all over
I need to get myself a 'Jai'
by inshadesofblue May 29, 2015
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"Jai" an indian translation of "victory of". A prefix given to any word in the english dictionary to emphasise the amazing-ness of the word; making another word better than it already is.
Jai Curry; amazing curry; victory of the curry.
Jai Foot; amazing foot; victory of the foot.
Jai Dix; amazing Dix; victory of the Dix.
by jai amazing June 24, 2009
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person 1:hii whats your name?

person 2:jai!
person1:whats your tiktok?
by darsdevil_ on tiktok February 9, 2021
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Fun loving Panda also known as a GHG (golden heart guy).
Look at jai being a GHG.
by Dale March 27, 2003
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An adorable brave little boy with a very annoying laugh.
by poooooooooo June 18, 2008
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a lao word that can be translated to be heart or love. can be a nickname
hi jai!
by high jai April 26, 2010
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