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haider is a kind guy who is a pure gental man and cares about everyone ....ones he knows you he will be the best person known by you ..he is very lovable
this guy is haider
by farwa786 April 24, 2017
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in arabic it means lion. usually a shiite name because their leader, ali, was given the title haider
a person who is very determined to do some good in this world. also very good-looking. people are very envious of them because these haiders have many talents and abilities.
did you see that guy fight off a mugger? he must be a haider!

girl1: that girls realy smart
girl2: shes a haider; what do you expect?
by bigbang4eva January 10, 2009
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He is a hench dude and loved by woman all over! You can trust him as he is amazing!!
by Peng Tiing May 25, 2018
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buy the domain for your recipe site
The biggest pimp you will ever see
"Look at Samir Haider, that dude is the biggest pimp"
by SamirHaider January 27, 2005
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rare species. Has an amazing personality but not noticed by a lot of people because those people don't look deep enough. Very smart and intelligent. The way he thinks is very unique and out of the ordinary. His thoughts are insightful and often so true. His perspective about the world and how he perceive things are exceptional. The world should hear about what he had to say because he often see what people misses sometimes. When he gets passionate about something, he digs down to it and get so curious about it. He learns deeply and he knows more than you think he knows. He genuinely cares about the people he cares about. He is capable of so much love but he just didn't know it. No matter how many times life gets him down, he always stands tall. An Haider is very good looking. Very charismatic and charming. He is a total gentleman. He is a real man. He also is hot a.f. His body is something to die for. So masculine you can die. A real good lover. Makes you get addicted to him. He can pleasure you all night long. An Haideris someone you are lucky to have in your life. You can tell him everything. He would do anything for you and he respect you and your decisions. He would just hold you in his arm and make you feel so safe and sound. Also, Haider is an awesome friend. Sometimes you might feel like you want to stab him in the face but 90% of the time he's a sweetheart.
Look at that charming boy he's an Haider
by Choduray October 18, 2018
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A cool way to say "Hi there," most commonly used in chat rooms.
1.) Bob: Hai der, Joe, hows you?

Joe: I is good, you?

2.) Tagging on the "der" makes it sound much better. See here:

"Hai der, Sue!" sounds much better than "Hi there, Sue." Get what I mean?
by yourparamore January 17, 2012
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