1. The meanest, most cruel way to respond to good news.

2. The act of making people hate you through mean comments and being cooler than them.
Kid #1: Hey, look at this cake that I just spent the whole day baking!

(Kid swats the cake out of his hands and it falls to the floor)

Kid #2: WILKERSON!!!!

Kid #1: I like this girl but im not sure if I want a relationship right now.

Kid #2: Just pull a wilkerson, hookup with her, then make her think youre a physco. <-(Purposely spelled wrong)
by BernieKolesar July 3, 2010
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The act of violently and randomly smashing something to the ground, either out of a persons hands or from a surface. Commonly done to books in people's hands, cups full of liquid, or any possession that one may carry.
I was walking down the hallway when a random dude came up and did the Wilkerson on my slushy.
by Bernie King February 22, 2011
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To be the type of guy who even though is a racist, loves sucking small black dick. Also drives a mustang. Physically abuses women, as well as children sexual.
He was completely A-wilkerson-ed. We caught him orally pleasing petite underaged black men.
by Betterluckruss1 December 12, 2020
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A noun that is widely known amongst the students of the class of 2012 that have ever been in Ms. Gloria Wilkerson's English class in JLMS. This noun refers to any word that was learned or used by Gloria Wilkerson that hadn't been known before. These words consist of the following: irked, scrutinizing, harangue etc.
Person 1: "You irk me.."
Person 2: "That's a 'Wilkerson Word'!!!"
by cravex August 29, 2010
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Taylor Rae Wilkerson is perfect in every way. She is beautiful, smart, funny, charming, and amazing in bed. She is the poster girl for a hot as fuck Girlfriend and will have your back at all times. She is a great friend who has a heart that no one can measure up to. Once a Taylor Rae Wilkerson falls in love with you, that's when her wild and kinky side comes out in bed. She is very outgoing and loves adventures and can headbutt the shit out of you if your not careful. So if you get a Taylor Rae Wilkerson hold on to her and protect her rare and beautiful Heart.
I hope I can be as bad ass as Taylor Rae Wilkerson someday...
by Big Dad (Bradley Glynn) March 22, 2018
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Sarah is a blonde with a short body but, a pretty face and big pillows aka hangers. She is sweet, caring, and def cute. She has a sassy side but, total freak in the sheets. Don’t let the short side of her make you think she’s not 6 foot.
Sarah Wilkerson hangers are perfect. I can’t stop staring at the beach.
by HonestTruth10169 July 4, 2023
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One of the most handsome and caring men to have been created. Not only is he good in bed but he also is a king in other aspects in life. You have to be a strong person to be with a Wilkerson. He will make your own mother fall for him but be careful he also has a dark side that can be to much to handle to be with a Wilkerson is to have a challenge but I. The end you will end up with a loyal friend or a strong enemy
I couldn’t stare Wilkerson in the eye he was to much of a man for me
by ZOE BOY November 23, 2021
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