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A meme where someone doesn't wanna do something cuz it might look gay.
I don't donate blood. I don't want my blood in someone else's boner.
Miss me with that gay shit.
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by DarthKieduss September 18, 2019

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To be berated, cussed out and yelled at by superior officers or guardians or adults. Usually happens when you do something you weren't supposed to do.
Colonel James H. Doolittle: "They don't want me up in the air flying with the men that I have chosen. That I've chewed out, cussed out, pushed to limit...and that I've come to respect.
---April 1942, shortly before the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo during WWII

Col. Hans Landa: You'll be shot for this!
Lt. Aldo Raine: Nah, I don't think so. More like chewed out. I've been chewed out before.
by DarthKieduss March 11, 2014

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A person who is genuinely having a positive and happy attitude when either drunk or high.
"Hey, you okay?"
"No. I'm not okay. I am...awesome!"
"The docs give you something?"
"Oh, yeah. They gave me...everything...It's spectacu-lacular, man. Hehehe!"
"You always were a happy drunk."
by DarthKieduss September 01, 2015

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A way to express shock.
The veteran Confederates watch as the new VMI cadets hold their formation in the midst of murderous Yankee canon fire
Veteran 1: I'll be damned.
Veteran 2: If I didn't see it with my own eyes...
by DarthKieduss June 05, 2017

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When you're so thrilled or excited, your best friend suggests doing something ABSOLUTELY stupid, and you go along with it because...well...

Why the fuck not?
Why did you shoot fireworks off your yacht while on a bender? It's September.
Why the fuck not?
by DarthKieduss July 31, 2019

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To give up or not give a shit
Ice-T: Looks like half-way through your sex change, your doctor just said 'Fuck it'.
by DarthKieduss August 02, 2013

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A hot yet utterly insufferable female triggered snowflake who ironically criticizes snowflakes. Tend to be partisan hacks.

Right-wing Princess Snowflake: Tomi Lahren, gets triggered when people protest police brutality and point out Trump's fallacies and incompetence.
Left-wing Princess Snowflake: Ana Kasparian, has unrational hatred of Trump-supporting women and thinks she's better than anyone else.
Tomi Lahren is the Princess Snowflake of Fox News.
Ana Kasparian is the Princess Snowflake of The Young Turks.
They both suck...
by DarthKieduss September 27, 2018

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