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Also known as angeldust. Probably the scariest of all drugs. Was used as a horse tranquilizer. Makes the user hallucinate, become extremely violent, and not feel anything. People have been known to do horrible things to themselves while under the influence of PCP. DO NOT USE PCP. DO NOT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.
PCP scares the shit out of me. It is evil.
by Darla Washington February 01, 2004

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Disgusting, cowardly piece of crap from the Harry Potter series that betrayed his best friends to save his own worthless ass.
Peter Pettigrew has a place reserved for him in Hell.
by Darla Washington April 04, 2004

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A four letter word: HELL.
Writing that research paper for the science fair was a living hell.
by Darla Washington November 23, 2003

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Kick ass bassist of System of a Down, my IDOL, and pretty hot now that I think of it.
by Darla Washington November 07, 2003

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When a surgeon cuts you open, fiddles around with your insides a bit, sews you up again, and tells you that it'll all be painless. See hell.
I just had surgery two days ago, and it was HELL.
by Darla Washington May 05, 2004

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One word/phrase/thingamabob: 80's
"Why can't I be you?"
by Darla Washington May 08, 2004

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1)The most awesome death metal band EVER!!

2)A way of telling someone they are hopeless.
1)Dude, did you get the tickets to the Teacups in Flowerland concert?
3)Am I a teacup in flowerland?
by Darla Washington November 28, 2003

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