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A picture posted usually on socials networks; usually by females; that depict the face and head of said female that crops off at the nose. This picture will also be taken from an above angle and not taken by the subject. And sometimes the subject will have eyebrows raised in a surprised expression. Alluding to a blow job being given by the subject while photo is taken.
Bill: I like Jenny's sister but i wouldn't touch it she's a ho bag she got a blow job pic as her profile.

Tom: Oh damn i didn't check her profile, sorry.
by Darkbob July 30, 2011
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A male penis, usually in an errect state;
Don't touch my peetong!
by darkbob October 15, 2006
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The act of one committing oral sex stealthily without knowledge or consent of the target. Usually committed by a homosexual male.
"SNEAKY KNOB if I get it in my mouth I get to finish!"
"damn, Ive been sneaky knobbed, get off asshole"
by Darkbob November 04, 2006
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a computer repair technician who is asked to fix or restore an old computer. The act of even requesting such a task is treated as an insult to the technician and labels you as cheap and or stupid.
vet- the reason you cant burn dvds is because you dont have a dvd burner... or nearly enough power to even play one... or download a movie... or surf the web. And the reason it wont turn on is that its ashamed to face a world that has left it so far behind.

cheap customer- how much to put that stuff on and fix it?

vet- buy a new computer im not a dinosaur veterinarian.
by darkbob August 29, 2010
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