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that is surprising! Often used on classic Scooby Doo by Velma and (occasionally) Daphne; used a bit less often in the newer version, but only by Velma.
Jinkies, that monster is really just a guy n a suit pulling off a scam...just like all the other...times... Well, this just isn't surprising anymore.
by Darian December 24, 2003

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1. A series of books full of wit, intellegence, action and humor. Often dissed by the dim-witted.
2. Artemis Fowl II, the main character of the Artemis Fowl book series. A young boy genius who's chosen career is criminal mastermind. The only human to ever outwit the not-so-mythical race known as the elves. Kidnapped Holly Short, a fairy police officer with the Lower Elements Police Recon (I forget how to spell the full word), or LEPrecon.
3.Artemis Fowl I, the main character's father and rolemodel. Kidnapped by the Russian Mafia.
4. Greek goddess of the hunt. Artemis Fowl was named after her.
1. I am a great fan of the Artemis Fowl books.
2. Artemis Fowl is the most intelligent youth to ever grace the pages of literature.
3. Artemis Fowl turned over a new leaf after Holly and Artemis saved him.
by Darian December 24, 2003

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The age of sixteen or the birthday on which one becomes sixteen.
I'm turnin' sweet sixteen on my sweet sixteen!
by Darian December 29, 2003

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A fairly good show usually airing on YTV at 9:30 PM. It is about a bunch of odd highschool students who do radio broadcasts.
Radio Active once changed their characters and screwed it up. The original characters are better.
by Darian December 24, 2003

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The writer and artist of The Rogue's Gallery and Author Space, two excellent web comics. he is now stationed at www.psyguy.com
The O.M.A. is hilarious!
by Darian December 24, 2003

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The cartoon channel called Teletoon. Originated on Teletoon when they did that stupid rap Christmas special where Santa and his elves were black, the girl character had no nose and the dog could stand on his hind leg, wear clothes and rap. Quite moronic, really.
It's unrizzle
by Darian December 24, 2003

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