3 definitions by Danny P

Tony's (aka Balb) understanding of the world and the way it works, including his style of thinking, talking, typing, and most importantly, Tony Classics...

Has once been refered to as a separate religion, Balboaism.
"I'm just goin to have to dissapoint ur day" - Tony Classic originated from his chaos theory
by Danny P December 5, 2005
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When Two Gay or Lesbian People get Married in a Recoginized State or Country or Proviance
by Danny P October 31, 2003
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A Bidet(pronounced Bee-Day), shoots a jetstream of water up towards one's asshole to cleanse the anus after a nasty shit. Now, one uses a Bidet and closes off the drain. He or she then lets the ass-water marinate for several minutes and serves at room temperature.
My girlfriend's dog bit me so I gave that hound a Bidet Buffett.
by Danny P February 12, 2006
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