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A set of tits, male or female, that are elongated, sagging, and covered in zits. This type of tits are generally found on fat people with poor hygiene and are unmistakable when unclothed.
Look at that fat kid standing around over there with his shirt off. His pickle tits sure are making me hungry.
by p0wnzor August 11, 2009
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Pickle shaped tits usually found on older Woman, generally very saggy, infact to saggy in most instances to wear a bra, or there is no bra actually made for them.
Pickle tits can be growen, generally by free loving hippy types that refuse to let the Repressed Human world hold there tits in place for fear of "the man",may also find on closer views,small hairs from out of, and around the nipple...
"check out that old hag,shes got pickle tits"

"See that "hippy stick" shes got Pickle tits"
by Dann November 24, 2004
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The bride of a sick fuck who likes to have sex with his/her children. Known for running around half naked and fucking their own family such as children and cousins. Often referred to as the PT.
Mr. Miller: Pile in the PT!
Karl: Dad the cruisers been in the shop for a week.
Mr. Miller:Not the cruiser boy your mother.
Scott: *Shivers*Oh got he means Pickle Tits.
by Renttib September 11, 2012
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