Weekly rag which is famous for trying to ruin the lives of decent people, in a bid to boost their sales. Best known for printing lies and being succesfully sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds by the persons whose reputations they attempt to besmirch. MP Tommy Sheridan and footballer Ashley Cole for example.

Despite being a British tabloid they held the safety of British Troops in utter contempt by printing pictures of British soldiers beating up a few rioting iraqi youths who were throwing bricks at them. The pictures fuelled the iraqis anger which led to more attacks on UK soldiers.
The news of the world editor: Whose lifes can we fuck up this week then?

The news of the world journalist: Lets flip a coin, if it's heads we'll target a footballer, if it's tails we'll target an MP.

The news of the world editor: Good idea.
by Dundeeboy August 5, 2006
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The sixth studio album by the British band Queen. The album was released on October 28th 1977. Contains tracks such as: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and Spread Your Wings.
What is your favourite Queen album?
News of the world of course!
by queenfana April 13, 2020
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A British tabloid newspaper published on Sundays by News Corp. It's a sister paper to The Sun.

The News of The World concentrates on the important news. C-list celebrities, football, horoscopes, sex scandals and soft-porn. The News of The World has published a lot of kiss and tell stories. Normally these stories are told in lurid detail and illustrated with photos of the woman concerned in her underwear. The News of The World has a gift for showing women in their underwear. They could print an article about Nixon opening relations with China and still somehow find a way to work such a photo in to the story.

The newspaper itself is very right-wing and has been criticised in the past for enouraging mob justice (as has it's sister paper The Sun). Their decision to print the names and photos of convicted paedophiles brought condemnation since it was pretty obvious what was going to happen once these lists were published. Lynch mobs formed and people who had served their sentences and been released were harassed despite the fact that stastics have shown that sex-offenders typically have a far lower rate of recivisdism than most other serious crimes.

All in all, a low-grade gossip rag with a thinly veiled populist right-wing agenda.
John: I want something that's written in the style of a children's book while being a mix of Mein Kampf and Razzle.
Paul: Ah, the News of The World. That'll be 50 pence.
Stavros: How much change do I get from a pound?
by thepreacher April 20, 2006
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New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on September 28, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 and subsequently August 2021, but was delayed to its current date. Many fans await its release by playing other games, but it turns out these other games couldn't make up for it.
Consumer: "Hey, New World looks fun and Unique!"
Pro Player: "Yeah, but have you joined a guild?"
Consumer: "Nah, not yet"
Pro Player: "Join Lotus Trading Company!"
by r1ckyuh August 19, 2021
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A New Zealand owned supermarket. Owned by Foodstuffs who also own Pak'N Save and 4square. Tend to under pay their hardworking staff especially students.
Person 1: Man I work at McDonalds... My life is so crap
Person 2: Speak for yourself I work at New World
Person 1: Actually life doesnt seem so bad after all
by Piepiepie November 11, 2006
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The "new" world Columbus claimed to have "discovered" when it was ORIGINALLY discovered by the Native Americans thousands of years before.
The new world is only new to the whites, but a old sacred place to us.
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A sacred ritual we must do at the start of a new day to please Bombero
It's a new world but we can't call it England lets call it new England
by Dom's shiny booty cheeks October 30, 2020
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