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When you take a dump in a toilet that already has a dump in it.
Because we didn't pay our water bill the city shut our water off. We have been mudsharking for two weeks now!!!
by DancemasterJ June 08, 2017

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A synonym for the word hooker. Usually used so the one being called a hooker doesn't understand, but you and your friends can still have a good laugh.
Tyler: You is a hookum!
McCall: A what?!?!
Friends: hahahaha!
by DancemasterJ June 04, 2013

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When a person shotguns any non-alcoholic beverage from a can. A regular shotgun is performed by poking a hole at the bottom of a beer can, opening the top, and then chugging from the hole you poked.
That party at BYU got pretty lit last night. They were doing mormon shotguns left and right, there were empty Red Bull cans with holes in them all over the place.
by DancemasterJ August 28, 2017

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