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When you take a dump in a toilet that already has a dump in it.
Because we didn't pay our water bill the city shut our water off. We have been mudsharking for two weeks now!!!
by DancemasterJ June 08, 2017
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Despite the common misconception of the noun mudshark, the verbified term is simply the act of a spirited man taking his pride and joy into the treacherous, marshy depths of a female’s anal cavity. Attack mode can produce unwanted outcomes, for her anyways, such as anal fissures, anal prolapse, or anal seepage. Always important to test the waters a few times before proceeding to avoid these unsightly results.
Friend 1: "Hey bud, how was your fishing trip with you wife last weekend?"
Friend 2: "Man, we had to call the mudsharking getaway off early."
Friend 1: "Shit man what happened?"
Friend 2: "Aw you know my shark bite too hard and she started bleeding profusely.
Friend 1: "Oh, yeah hate it when that happens."
by PickitNFlickit August 26, 2016
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