28 definition by Dan the Man

A queef is a true delight - a wee zephyr being born from marylin, a ladies vulva.
'My friend Claire loves to queef, she can do it on demand, but only after appying a lube.
by Dan the Man October 07, 2002

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An anti-gang unit within the LAPD, see c.r.a.s.h
Oh crap get in the house quick, that guy is part of the crash unit.
by dan the man September 16, 2005

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The opposite of an ollie. Front foot on nose and rear foot in the center of board.
Nollie is the opposite of an ollie, duh.
by Dan the Man February 23, 2005

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1. When someone Surgically switchs their gender through complicated operations.

2. A skateboard trick where the skater does a normal kickflip as well as a 180 degree body varial all in one motion.
1. My lesbo sister is considering getting a sex change.

2. I did a Sex-change off my bro's kicker ramp.
by Dan the Man February 23, 2005

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An old man who drives at an incredibly slow speed in the middle of the road.
you codgerish ol' bastard
by Dan The Man September 30, 2003

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Mike O. Mike wacks off bushes.
That bush wacker, Mike O, is in our front yard wacking off that bush again mommy!
by Dan the man May 07, 2004

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A snarf can be a guy or girl. It is someone who places their head in the toliet after a female has gone to the bathroom.
That chick didn't flush, so being the snarf that I am, I ran in there and shoved my head in the toliet.
by Dan the Man February 23, 2005

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