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licking a womans vagina while she defecates in the toilet.
I gave her a hot carla to pay her back for the hot carl
by dakota May 21, 2004

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A scroller or flooder in an online chat room. Someone that sends large amounts of text to lag others on the same server.
Dude, that lag fag just crashed the server connection!
by Dakota January 28, 2005

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A person that blends the stylings of a wigger and a redneck. Generally found in the southeastern United States.
Someone with a lowrider truck with a whip antenna...
by Dakota November 29, 2004

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a game played in the driveway of a house; similar to tennis, a rope is tied across the drive way and obstacles are setup along the rope which when encountered add or substract points from the player. Each game is played to 11.
That was a sweet game of paintcaan today.
by Dakota June 19, 2006

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a combination between chilling and relaxing.
"yo dude what are you doing" "nothing just chillaxin"
by Dakota January 03, 2005

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a type of hand shake
the homies chaked
by dakota August 17, 2003

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To speak against what you are told to do.
"You! Do not speak bably!"
by Dakota June 04, 2004

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