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Goddamned messicans, they come to take our jobs.
by DaMotha June 30, 2004
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Puerto Rican / Panamanian spin-off of reggae music, being these two countries the main hubs of mass production / distribution of Reggaeton. It borrows a lot of graphical / sound cues from gangsta rap and mixes them down with percussive, abrasive variations of dancehall reggae. Melodies are usually minimal, there is a liberal use of samples from pop tunes and sound effects (siren, etc) and drum machines rather than analog percussions are used.

Reggaeton's lyrics usually are in the same ground as those of gangsta rap: Mentions of women -often in a sexual/misogynist sense- drugs, gangs, sex and double entendres abound, yet youngster-oriented radio stations in Puerto Rico and Central America somehow get away with it, broadcasting Reggaeton practically 24/7, given its big popularity across kids in the area.
Three things you will usually find together in my hometown: Ricers, gangsters and Reggaeton.
by DaMotha March 26, 2005
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A country that claims the name of an entire continent to itself alone for no compelling reason.
Mexicans, Colombians, Brazilians... they're Americans too.
by DaMotha September 11, 2006
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In reference to the predominant color in dollar bills; Cash money.
"So... got any green to cover that debt, dude?"
by DaMotha June 30, 2004
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Character created by stand-up, X-rated black comedian Rudy Ray Moore who had its peak on the blaxploitation film movement of the 1970s. Dolemite represents the quintessential pimp with lots of ho's at his charge and able to whoop ass with his muthafuckin'kung fu skills.
Dolemite is the master of Pimp Fu.
by DaMotha August 3, 2004
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