Goddamned messicans, they come to take our jobs.
by daMotha June 30, 2004
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1. Incorrect pronunciation of "Mexican."
Most often used by blacks and Italians.
He's really cute for being a messican.
by Legs (Saintt) November 30, 2006
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under-minimum wage lawnmowing person,. does not do well when put in contact with anything even remotely involving education
07:37 (@piggy): you lawn mowing messican
07:37 (@piggy): where you been?
07:37 (@evilfr3ak): well school is hella hard
by mvz January 4, 2004
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ironknuckle is a messican
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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A dish consisting of all kinds of Mexican style food (such as beans, cheese, sour cream, seasoned meat) all mixed up in a bowl eaten warm using tortilla chips.
Yum, this messican isn’t Mexican food but it sure is good!
by Cattaca October 2, 2020
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(not to be confused with the word "Mexican") Individual that speaks Spanish, has dark hair and brown skin, but is not Mexican nor has any Mexican ancestry.
Ellis is from Ecuador, therefore he Messican
by Overwatch Weeb March 14, 2017
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A class lower than mexican. Messican's think they are cool, when everyone knows they are losers.
Mexican : WOOHOO
Messican : what are you exited about?
Mexican : I'm not the lowest class ever!!
Messican :Really? Then who is?
Mexican : YOU
by Stampskey Oith March 22, 2010
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