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1) A style of speech pattern which is considered by many to be a foreign language and is characterized by overt annunciation and inflection of words and/or statements and phrases that lets the world know that you consider yourself to be gay-and happy as well.

2) Flamboyant speech.
I couldn't understand a thing that your hairdresser was explaining to me. I guess he was speaking Gaynese.
by DOMINIX June 02, 2009

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A Sumurai ranking of Nobility characterized by chivalry, duty, and honor through trustworthiness, applied to the modern day warrior with respect to their chosen profession.
I can't even believe he closed out that deal, that was so Bushidodan of him.
by Dominix June 23, 2009

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1) The metric equivalent of the mile high club usually associated with our European friends.

2) A derogatory commentary of any previous unsatisifying attempt at becoming a member of the mile high club.
Tom promised to fly me to Europe and make me a member of the mile high club but after landing I don't think we even made it to the kilometer high club!
by DOMINIX June 19, 2009

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