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Legal tender. Dinero. Cash money.
Yo, I know I got the duckets here somewhere. Bling!
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
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Actually, Maine is an extremely expensive state. I don't know why ya'll is hatin' on it, it's one of the best places to live and it's not that boring. When people read this about Maine they're going to think all of us are hillbillies and that we marry our cousins! Thats not true! Maine has inner-cities too, but not quite like New York City or Las Angeles..but it has its share. It has beautiful summers that last more than 2 weeks and the best falls.
Uh, I don't have an example.
by Dizzle July 27, 2004
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When a human is so overweight that their stomach and thigh fat combines to create the appearance of having another butt on the front of the body. Applies only to obese individuals, like back tits.
God damn, I bet when that bitch goes to the bathroom she has to wipe in a half circle!
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
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an AWESOME band from Oakland, theyre music is addicting. i havent listened to anything but them in weeks. I <3 The Matches
I am Deanna and i am addicted to the Matches Cd, Im just a dog eared page you turn back to, wheres the place for me? when were both in love with you. <<<3333
by Dizzle March 24, 2005
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Quite possibly the worst handheld video game system ever.. ever... EVER.
I heard that this one guy got tricked into buying an NGage.
by DIZZLE November 05, 2003
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That girl had back tits AND a front butt until she started smoking hubbers on the regular.
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
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When a human is so grossly obese that their back fat appears to be a pair of floppy sagging breasts.
Yesterday on the plane I had to sit next to a giant bastard that took up 2 seats and a pair of back tits that would put most women to shame.
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
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