5 definitions by DDJForever

An acronym spoken as a word.

Get A Fucking Move On
GAFMO or we'll miss last orders!
by DDJForever October 16, 2016
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Acronym spoken as a word. Hut-fu

Hurry The Fuck Up.

Used to encourage people to go faster.
Please HTFU or we'll be late.
by DDJForever September 26, 2016
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BAO - Before Any Other.

Rhymes with bow-wow-wow (ie the bow bit) - the noise of a dog barking.
She's my BAO - I love her totally and completely.
by DDJForever October 16, 2016
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Acronym pronounced TooMussKnee

Too Much Shit. Not Enough Hands.

Describes having too many things to carry as part of a request for help.
Can you take this bag? I have TMSNEH
by DDJForever October 24, 2016
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Come on, Dave, YUFT. Get that flat pack furniture built!
by DDJForever October 4, 2020
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