11 definitions by DBRobinson

a lazier form of ianno

apathy / indifference.

yeah, whatever...


"check this babe out!"
"yeah, ok, she gets a meh"
"dude, she was THE sex symbol 20 years ago"
"so what, my dad let my siblings loose on her picture, I stand by my meh"
by DBRobinson September 16, 2003
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one of the largest mac user groups known to man. includes galleries, forums, and much more. a community where the basic common tie is that those who frequent the website are usually some shade of mac geeks.
zmai is a super moderator at spymac. everyone loves her
by DBRobinson November 07, 2003
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used as an exclamation of the quality of something. (as in, That's Awesome!)

Taken from the french term pronounced "Svet"

Syn: Sick, Awesome, Gutta

also: über-sven, semi-sven, and non-sven
That's Sven!

How sven is it tonight, boys?
by DBRobinson August 03, 2003
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refers to that noise tgey play when someone has a really bad joke.
why did th3e egg roll across the road? Cuz he liked bowling! *silence, crickets chirping*
by DBRobinson November 07, 2003
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originally brought into use by the beatles. can mean whatever the hell you want it too. vaugly similar usage as wordall your base are now belong to us/word
I am the walrus, goo goo ga joob.
by DBRobinson August 30, 2003
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