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a person who choose the teams he's a fans of by the prevailing wind of who most likely to win the next championship. these fans are mostly in the NFC, Hence one year their a forty niner, the next a cowboy then green bay and so on and so
Boy Andre was a Pats fan last year now he's crowing about the saints.
yep he is nothing but a leaf!
by DARTH STEELER November 21, 2013
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An eruption from from deep in Your bowels resulting in the bowel, under side of the toilet , A narrow band on the upper part of your calves and anything in a possible 3 foot circumference With an even coating of a clay like foul smelling material. In some worse cases the right or left butt cheek is left dangling by pieces of flesh.
I never should have gotten those gut bombs from the convenience store.
Mt. Saint Helen's disease.
Who's cleaning that up
by DARTH STEELER July 7, 2014
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music what older folks think young urban youths listen to.
Father- "Hey son what are you listen to some of that hippity hoppity?
by DARTH STEELER December 13, 2011
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That's when you hit'em with what you got!
man, did you see Anthony get a ghetto ass whipping?
yeah, his mom used and iron cord!
by DARTH STEELER December 2, 2011
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