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Cup drinks are tasty, convenient and colourful. They come in bright pink (raspberry), bright blue, bright orange and many other colours. They come with a straw that has a sharp point at one end. One of the best things about having a cup drink is grabbing the straw and enthusiastically stabbing it through the plastic lid. Cup drinks bring happiness to the world. Indeed, I am partly named after Cup Drink, my name being "Cup-Sellithaine". My cool mate Clare Atkinson is also partly named after Cup Drink, and her name is Rasthangatas-Drink
"Excuse me, We're really thirsty...Do you have a spare 20 pence piece so we can buy two cup drinks for 10p each?"
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
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An amalgamation of two entirly different things - Cup-Drink and Rasthangatas-Sellithaine, which when put together, form my Suenolian name. Rasthangatas-Drink, my Suenolian soul-mate, takes the other halves of both the phrases.
"Oh Rasthangatas!"
"Oh Sellithaine!" (call and response, called in a provokative, questioning yet fond manner)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
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Meaning "to stab", with a "borer" (rude-boy terminology meaning sharp, dangerous object, usually a knife)
Watch, I'm gonna bore you up.
by Cup-Sellithaine November 06, 2005
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A beautiful, bubbly, intelligent, minature lady who has a big smile and a cheery voice.
"Part of me is a sexual exhibitionist."
(she's not afraid to be sexual, but this does not make her a slut. Sexuality is something that was taken off the "taboo list" aaaages ago.)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
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Twank is just a word derived from the word p'twankyho, which is an expression of feeling. "Twank" can be used to express sudden, spontanious, and impulsive moments of any form of emotion.
-"Oh no. We forgot the hyperdigicalator"
-"Ah, TWANK!"
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
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Wow. I really did never know that the word "twanky" was ever used by anyone except us. The truth behind the word is that really, it is derived from "p'twankyho", a way of expressing one's feelings. Twanky has similar meaning, but is used to express slightly different emotion.
"oooooooh, twanky."
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
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The act of eating cheese.

See also tyrophillia and tyrophobia
Tyrophagia before bed can give you wild and vivid dreams.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
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