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A practitioner of both the Jewish and Buddhist faith.
Hey Frank, look at that Jew Bu.
by Cunning Linguist October 27, 2004

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Exceedingly black in nature, displaying or possessing the qualities characteristic of the American negro.
Terrell Owens is a nigtacular hybrid of athletic acumen and sly ghetto charm.
by Cunning Linguist April 08, 2004

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Adj. A woman (or man) who gives a lot of head. Heard on Chappelle's Show. Apparently also a definition of chicken head.
Fellatiousness - noun.
That Catholic priest is so damn fellatious, he'll suck anything.
by Cunning Linguist May 11, 2004

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A "progressive rock elitist", usually a white male wearing a t-shirt from the latest concert he attended who is all too willing to share his knowledge about obscure music facts with you. He will be generally also be a music snob but will be unable to justify his opinions other than with a contempous look and a half-hearted attempt at a chuckle.
Q - Can that proghole pull any girls?
A - Never - there is no women alive who could meet his musical standards.
by Cunning linguist January 21, 2004

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To leave a social event without any advance warning. An abrupt disappearance. Often a function of over-indulgence.
Is he still here or did he pull a Burry?
by cunning linguist February 03, 2004

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filthy slag
check her out, i can see her lunch from here, dirty shunter
by cunning linguist October 20, 2003

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Correctly spelt mutorcs.
Simply the reverse of scrotum
Similar to meathead
you globule of sacksweat, you fucking muttox
by cunning linguist October 20, 2003

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