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What you do while lying in bed.
While listening to the radio, a song gave me a boner, so I began to masturbate.
by Cummy worm August 18, 2010
By far, one of the best full-size trucks on the market. Its towing capacity is similar to that of the Ford F-Series, and better yet, it's got 21 mpg highway, just a mile ahead of F-Series' 20. Its OnStar safety system keeps you very secure, even off of the road. Impressive!
The Chevrolet Silverado is one of General Motors sexiest light trucks
by Cummy worm November 30, 2010
A brand new compact sedan made by the Chevrolet division of General Motors, designed for MY 2011. It really makes up for the shittard Chevy Cobalt, which had a crappy interior. Similar to the Cobalt, the Cruze gets 36 mpg highway, a lot like the Cobalt's 37. Originally it was also the Holden Cruze sold in Australia and Asia, but imported into the United States in 2010.
Impressive! The Chevrolet Cruze in one sexy car, getting SO much mpg on the highway!!
by Cummy worm November 29, 2010
1. Even better than a blowjob, it's when the person actually hums/vibrates their lips while their mouth is around your cock.
2. One of the least fuel efficient vehicles on the Earth.
I rode home in a Hummer while recieving a hummer.
by Cummy worm August 21, 2010
The effect on you after you brush your teeth, and food and drinks taste disgusting.
Can we eat as soon as my toothpaste hangover goes away?
by Cummy worm July 2, 2011
Matt Groening's gift to the world. Originally the family appeared on the Tracey Ullman Show in 1987, and got their own show on the Fox network two and a half years later. The pilot episode would be "Some Enchanted Evening"; however, the animation was so terrible, they had to abort the series premiere for a while. They would abort the entire series if the second episode, "Bart the Genius", also turned out terrible. However, that was a success, and the first episode was switched to "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", and "Some Enchanted Evening" was switched to the series finale/thirteenth episode, airing in May 1990. "Bart the Genius" was the second episode; however, it was the first episode to use the trademark title sequence (originally it would be "Some Enchanted Evening".) Thus, "The Simpsons" was born!
I watched The Simpsons on Sunday at 7:00 p.m.
by Cummy worm November 28, 2010
When you have anal sex with someone and shit gets on your dick as usual, but after that, you smear the shit on their lip, producing a moustache.
I gave Mike a Dirty Sanchez last night.
by Cummy worm August 18, 2010