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The specific period of time between January and December in which Corona's are the most popular
Bro, it's Rona Season we gotta take down some Corona's ASAP!
by Cronklet November 14, 2017

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The fine art of unleashing a nut in a public place.
Bro, I went to the school computer lab to type my essay, only to discover that Daniel committed nuttery on the keyboard!
by Cronklet December 04, 2017

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A sausage that has been dipped in dirty toilet water, then fed to an unsuspecting victim.
Dude, Russ fed me a rusty sausage , but he told me it was fresh off the grill!
by Cronklet November 15, 2017

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A sausage that is drizzled in fiery, orange hair. This phenomenon occurs when a ginger haired chef is not wearing a hairnet when preparing the sausages.
Shit man, I just took a bite out of my plump sausage and I got a mouthful of orange hair! The chef shed all over my sausage and transformed it into a fiery sausage!
by Cronklet November 14, 2017

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