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A personality in a Wonderful movie that has nothing to sexually do with anything.

also he rocks.
Willy Wonka's Candy factory is the shit.
by Cris July 22, 2005

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The most famous and wonderful song wirtten by the sadly little known band Marcy Playground
Sex and candy is a rockin' song
by Cris December 10, 2004

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A monster from the MMORPG Ragnarok that looks like a giant thrashing purple penis that comes out of the sand to assault people with it's head.
Lost:OMFG Snaaaaaap! there is a hode and it's trying to raaaaaaaape meeeeee!
by Cris December 09, 2004

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The informal nickname of famous playwright and poet William Shakespeare, I call him this because he is my homie.

"Oh shit, I think Willy Shakes just called you a slut!"
by Cris October 07, 2005

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suck my dick, provide a sexually stimulate a person orally.
hey girl i heard u swallow come through my spot after school and gimme dat dome
by cris June 23, 2004

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when you fart and a little more than air comes out you asshole
i hope i dont follow thru before i get to the toilet
by cris December 20, 2003

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cooler than cool, cooler than ice cold
my dog is the bombest
by cris December 20, 2003

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