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The practice of pointing the wrong remote control at an electronic device and expecting it to work; also the feeling shame, idiocy and frustration realizing you have done so
Brutus is using the TV remote to try to operate the DVR! It's clear a case of remotus operandi!
I spent five minutes with remotus operandi trying to turn down the volume on the stereo!
by Creed Cur December 22, 2017
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A self-created sex video that you hope will go viral; used with satiric reference to the "My Little Pony" Hasbro toy franchise
"Chris and me shot a My Little Porny last night that was off-the-hook sick."

"We're getting some mad props for the My Little Porny I posted."

"Hey, girl, you all should watch My Little Porny - it shows what I can do."
by Creed Cur June 01, 2014
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An obvious or tragically bad Photoshop job, so clearly botched it's almost funny.
Brah, that Gram of you and DMX is hella Photoslopped!
Photoslop Frankie loves to make it look like he's the hero of every situation.
Ginny Photoslopped a crusty anus on her ex's new GF!
by Creed Cur May 30, 2021
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A person (including possibly oneself) experiencing a particularly gaseous and smelly episode. Source: Kate Winslet's quote in a Vanity Fair article regarding her Titanic co-star, Leo DiCaprio: "To me, he's just smelly, farty Leo."
Man, I was such a Farty Leo tonight, I cleared the room.
Did you see that video catching a Farty Leo moment on a hot mic?
Those frat boys were a bunch of Farty Leos and thought every blast was hilarious!
by Creed Cur July 28, 2020
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A crush with a major sensitive side; a non-binary soul unafraid to show all sides to all
My last bf was such a harsh mofo—I'm dying to get with Georgie, he's such a dream-puff.

My fraternity put up a stupid sign last rush—"dream-puffs need not apply"
by Creed Cur December 21, 2020
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A shirtless selfie showing off (usually male) pecs and abs, tanned, toned and trimmed
Hey, Ralph sent me a chestie and that dude is ripped!

LOL Donny's chestie showed flab more than abs!
by Creed Cur March 20, 2019
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Often shortened to "blodder." Material scavenged for use in a blog, especially ready made visuals, writing or data that can easily be dumped right into a posting; also derogatorily applied to canned, corporate, or prefabricated information specially designed for such use
Jeannie! Check the WAPO news feed, girl -- got some killer blog fodder for you!
I'm all bleary eyed from trawling the web for blodder all night
That article on the anatomy of testicles is perfect blog fodder for my "How Men Think" blog
Big Pharma p.r. churns out mucho blodder for the unsuspecting to re-post
by Creed Cur June 02, 2021
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