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To have used to much of the drug ketamine (special K) and lost sense of time and space, balance, verbal skills.
It took Dave 10 minutes to walk up the steps he was in such a K hole.
by cowboy September 20, 2002

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when a guy ejaculates onto someone or something...
skeet skeet skeet SPLAT
by cowboy June 07, 2004

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A man that could build you ahouse with a cocunut and some chewing gum. Or take down a satellite with a potatoe and a shoe.
Good lord he jumped the building with only a napkin and survived? He's such a MacGuyver
by Cowboy September 11, 2004

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Used as a retort to the common usage of 'Holla back!'
As a greeting: 'Holla Front!!!'
by Cowboy March 22, 2003

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To hit someone or something with your penis.
Jane didnt shut up so James cock knocked her.
by Cowboy March 15, 2004

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1-The sound created by Santa Claus when he breaths in and out.

2-A term used for a woman of less than perfect moral fiber... alot less
1- Ho .... Ho .... Ho ....
HO,HO,HO,HO,HO This sprint is Ho killing HO Me

2 - (As in the song) Who let these "women of less than perfect moral fiber" in my room. *Sidenote say the quotationed part REALLY fast
by Cowboy December 01, 2004

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