A wonderful person who is wicked strong and will stand up for what she believes in no matter how illogical it may be. They are usually rather small but their booming voices and personalities make up for this. They are willing to try almost anything and are wicked loyal to their friends. They are thebomb.com. They love music, movies, and cooking.
"You hear bout that girl being badass?"
"Yeah but it's just Pattie being Pattie"
by Ju-Fro September 4, 2013
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Me: What’s For Tea?
Pattie:*In Irish* Potatoes
by Ching Chang Wolla April 15, 2019
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to be skipped, forgotten, left behind, or deleted.
"Spilly did you get in the queue"
"Nope, pattied again"
by faacts December 4, 2020
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Patti is someone who can appear to be quiet at first meet, but later if you get to know her she will turn out to be one of the greatest friends you'll ever have. She is funny and kind and really helpful! Sometimes too helpful...she loves to read and is very smart and most likely well-spoken. She is a pro at math and english and is a great tutor! Take some time to get to know her and you won't regret it! She is beautiful in a modely way, with a long body and pretty hair. When she REALLY laughs you can't help but laugh too.
-Who's the new girl?
-Oh, that's Patti.
-She looks so awkward...
-Yeah but wait til you get to know her! She's the best!
by gioa November 15, 2011
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A kind, honest, generous person who loves to be happy. She is very personable and passionate about whatever she is interested in! She may not be supermodel pretty but she has a natural beauty that makes others question how she does it. She is always glowing and she has a cute smile that is half laughing and half slyness. She is funny and immature but a good listener and advice giver. She believes in dreaming and what-ifs. If you ever meet a Patti, you are a very fortunate person. Keep her close, she'll make a great friend or girlfriend!
That girl is so adorable and funny! Whatever could her name be?
Why, she's Patti of course.
by Jamie218 September 16, 2011
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A beautiful girl who shows others the cutting edge of life. A sweetheart like no other.
I wish I could be a patti.
by Eve D'Plourp December 30, 2009
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a patti is a beautiful, smart, girl that doesn't always believe In herself, she has been hurt many times before and therefore doesn't know what love is or how to have confidence in herself. She tries to grow up to fast to fit In the others but it doesn't work. She's just different from the others and therefore is not very well liked by people. She has 1-2 close friends that she hopes will never leave here though she is scared that one day something might happen. She is hard to find and easy to lose if she thinks you're wasting her time. She will give you many chances, but take advantage of her and she will drop you. Never leave a Patti.
Never let go of a Patti, once you lose her, there's no going back.
by ThePianoKeeper December 27, 2017
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