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One of the hoodrific ghetto fabulous employees of a bank branch
Many are high school drop outs and few have graduated college
I went to the bank to deposit a check and a sleazy personal banker tried to sign me up for a credit card
by Commodore man February 15, 2014

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hood+terrific ; extremely ratchet
rick ross music is hoodrific
by commodore man February 15, 2014

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The rival to the Australian Holden commodore

Australian sedan ranging from family car up to the sports and luxury models

Seen as a more luxuourious option over the Holden Commodore, many are used as Limousines

While it battles for domination over the Commodore, many would argue it comes off second best as the Holden Commodore holds the most wins in the Bathurst Motor Race, and usually holds higher sales figures and for the sport fans the Commodore has the better look and feel of a sports car

Is the cause of many dinner table arguments as the Holden vs Ford debate is seen as a bit of a religious following in Australia as you are either a Holden Man or a Ford Man
My Commodore would beat your falcon in a race anyday
by Commodore Man May 23, 2005

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