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A person who is far up the ass the management and only comes out to leave a shit trail on the work of everyone.
He's the chief operating officer's colon slug.
by CoffeeSommelier March 14, 2010

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ETDis defined asEmotionally Transmitted Disease (or Diseases) refer to people who suck the light and energy from you and make you complicit in their "sins and infidelities" with their lack of integrity. It also refers to people who have stingy hearts.
Some things are better left unsaid. I don't want to know about your menage a trois, it is just going to give me ETD. Keep that shit to yourself.
by CoffeeSommelier April 25, 2017

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A temporary feeling in which you want to pull your hair out because of events or morons.
When I deal with her, I have situational trichotillomania because she doesn't listen.
by CoffeeSommelier April 29, 2010

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