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Company where people wear your shirt... and dance in it a little
Those guys over at IWearYourShirt just made me happy!
by Cody Strawn January 18, 2011

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Basically all you do is take a 7-10 seconds long video of yourself frozen in selfie mode, with a moving background of some sorts so it looks like a video.
Man, I took my selfie's to another level by making a Video Selfie!
by Cody Strawn April 13, 2014

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The time of the day when Neal Brooks from IWearYourShirt goes LIVE on Ustream at 4 PM EST to tell the world his favorite words from Urban Dictionary.
It's time for Words with Neal Everybody!
by Cody Strawn January 20, 2011

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Type of person that will make you shave your own head and call them daddy.
Have you seen that new DadIsBald trend lately? He is daddy for sure. Shave my head!
by Cody Strawn August 21, 2019

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Kind of Twitch streamer that will make you drop your pants and make you call him daddy.
Have you met my daddy, Uncle5tevo?
by Cody Strawn August 20, 2018

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