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Malaspina University College.

Established: 1969

Population: 7000+

A fast-growing University College in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. The 4th biggest University in British Columbia next to Simon Fraser University, The University of British Columbia, and The University of Victoria.

Malaspina University College offers various training options, which range from fundamental literacy skills and English-as-a-Second Language programs, to many Bachelor’s degrees, some Master’s degrees, and post-degree diploma programs.

Malaspina is well known in international education and contract training for business and industry.
Justin: "I go to University on Vancouver Island."

Joe: "Oh yeah. Malaspina or UVIC?"

Justin: "Malaspina."

Joe: "Nice."
by Cody Murray October 3, 2006
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Nanaimo (na 'nai mo),

is the second largest city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It has been dubbed the "Bathtub Racing Capital of the World" and "Harbour City". Nanaimo is also sometimes referred to as the "Hub City" because of its central location on Vancouver Island, and being the main ferry connector between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo is about 55 km west of Vancouver, separated by the Strait of Georgia, but directly linked to Vancouver via BC Ferries. By virtue of its proximity to Vancouver, Nanaimo is the gateway to many other destinations both on the island — Tofino, Campbell River, Comox Valley, Port Alberni, Rathtrevor Provincial Park — and off its coast — Newcastle Island, Gabriola Island, Valdes Island, and many other of the Gulf Islands.

Nanaimo began as a trading post in the early 1800s; in 1849 the Snuneymuxw chief Ki-et-sa-kun ("Coal Tyee") informed the Hudson's Bay Company of the presence of coal in the area, and in 1853 the company built a fort known as the Nanaimo Bastion (still preserved). Subsequently the town was chiefly known for the export of coal. The 1887 Nanaimo Mine Explosion killed 148 miners and was the largest man-made explosion until the Halifax Explosion. In the 1940s, lumber supplanted coal as the main business, although Minetown Days are still celebrated in the neighbouring community of Lantzville.

Malaspina University-College's beautiful and scenic main campus is located in Nanaimo, which brings many international students to the city. The school is also renowned for its music programs.

Notable Persons from Nanaimo:

Cameron Bright, Child actor
Kim Cattrall, Actress
Justin Chatwin, Actor
Glen Clark, Politician
Diana Krall, Jazz pianist and singer

Joe: "You still living in Campbell River?"

Simon: "Nope, moved to Nanaimo."
by Cody Murray October 3, 2006
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The way far too many people spell "hilarious." It is definitely one of the most popular misspelled words in the english laguage. "Halarious" is how most people pronounce "Hilarious" in every day speech. This is the root of the word.
An IM conversation:

Joe: "Dood thatz halarious"

Grant: "No dude, it's your typing that's hilarious."
by Cody Murray August 9, 2006
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The worst gun you can purchase in the game Counter Strike.
"haha, you got killed by a glock you noobie"
by Cody Murray August 15, 2006
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An expression used in the card game "Texas Hold 'em Poker" for someone who was losing the hand to one or more players, and was saved by the 5th card, the river, due only to luck, and won the hand.
Bob: "All in"

Stew: "... I call"

Bob: "haha, I'm beating you with the odds of 4:1 in favour of me, you only have 3 cards you can hit out of the deck, with one card left, what a crappy call and a horrible read"

Stew: *hits the '3' he needed on the river card*

by Cody Murray April 9, 2006
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1. A funnier and better way of describing a food or drug laxative that helps you to poo.

2. Slang and/or short form for laxative.

3. A popular personality from the online PC video game Counter-Strike. His heyday was mainly in Counter-Strike version 1.5 around the year 2001 (specifically on a server called "Thunderdome" which was a Warcraft 3 MOD server) Although he was most prevalent in version 1.5, poolax has been frequenting Counter-Strike servers from version 1.2 through present-day Counter-Strike: Source. His other popular alias was "Oprah" from the infamous "|FAT|" clan. Poolax also had a famous counterpart, "chode", who accompanied poolax at the top of the thunderdome ranks, and in the |FAT| clan, where he was referred to as "Rita McNeil".
14 year old CS geek: "Oh my god, what the hell, poolax just knifed me from behind, he's so leet."

45 year old CS geek: "What the hell, he keeps killing 4 of us at a time with his stupid suicide bombing technique, I'm totally getting him banned... and why is he always talking about poo?"
by Cody Murray August 23, 2005
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Used as a insult for instances when you hear someone yelling the word "queer" as an insult towards someone else. You, in turn, would describe the insulter as a "queerp."

A queerp says "queer" in a specific way; it is said loudly and bluntly. A queerp, for the most part, is usually a douche bag and/or cool guy.
John: "Nice backpack Simon" *Said sarcastically*

Simon: "Uhhm, thanks" *Simon walks away*

John: "QUEER" *Said loud and blunt*

Cody: "Man, John's such a queerp"
by Cody Murray April 6, 2005
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