43 definitions by Coca

When something screws up totaly... usualy refering to when directv stealers program goes down it says 'call customer service 711'
DAMN I NEED TO GET A NEW 3M my script went 711
by Coca November 8, 2003
WHERE IS THE BECKS? i'm not drinking this molson candian shit!
by Coca October 21, 2003
also known as ddh meaning a dumb-ass in politer terms, sounds best with a retard voice.
Your such a Dumbdohead!
No you are the dumbdohead, dumbdohead!
shutup dumbdohead!
no dumbdohead!
by Coca December 24, 2003
Why buy it here, when we can get it 3 cents cheaper at Wally World!
by Coca January 2, 2004
a immitator of someone else
by Coca December 24, 2003
1. place where 'yuppies' hang out in the city
2. best place to get coffee...mmm try a white-chocolate mocha
3. located around the corner
"I work at the starbucks on the corner of heather and broadway..."
"um there are like 12 starbucks there?"
by Coca September 30, 2003
1. A word used instead of pissed off.
2. Oscar P. Hanson vice principal of NWSS
1. My mom got all pissypoo when she found out about that party!

2. Pissypoo! quit shaking that ass!
by Coca September 25, 2003