3 definitions by Cnut Stolen

A Bar-Keeep's rag for sopping up spills.
I can't believe Dan took a shot of mung-rag drippings, and hasen't puked yet!
by Cnut Stolen December 14, 2004
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Southern Colloquialism: Contraction of two separate words, him and self.
Ewald done got hisself pinned under tha tractor agin, Ma.
by Cnut Stolen August 01, 2004
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The ability of a woman's vagina to return to form. Usually used to refer to women that have given birth to one or more children already, as they'll likely lose this ability w/o the help of Dr. Kegel's exercises.
More and more women are electing to have C-sections to avoid pesky labor and loss of snatchlasticity.
by Cnut Stolen March 30, 2006
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