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Ewald's language of origin is Germanic and it is predominantly used in German. Two-element name derived from eo and wald which are of the meanings 'law, custom, right' and 'to rule' respectively. The name was borne by the Northumbrian brothers Saint Ewald the Black and Saint Ewald the Fair, who were missionaries in Frisia and north Germany. They were martyred in Old Saxony around 695. Variants of Ewald include Ewould (Dutch) and Ewout (Dutch).
You will never meet a man like Ewald
by .svr. February 18, 2011
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A horrible person to start a relationship with. Clingy, acts like your mom, ugly, and has a strange name. Will not let go even when you break it off. Falls for women way out of his league.
"Ewald likes me!"

"Gross, I'm so sorry, that will not turn out well."
by badhairday2 December 30, 2011
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