3 definitions by Clark Kents distant relative

Someone who u will stick with forever and can always count on no through thick and thin high and low no matter what happens ,you two will never be separated ---most likely name start with an "E"...ex(emma Davis )
I can believe I have so many loyal partners ,I am truly blessed.
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Someone who gets mad playing golf because they are about to lose a bet ,and call rules on their friend when the never play officially.putt mongeling is the most low down someone can go.most common names for a putt mongeler include -carter trantham,and that's all...
I always get a putt mongler on my team it's utter bull shit.
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The most loyal ,trustworthy ,and bad ass friend around ,much better than the GOAT .names commonly used -kamden Forbes ,Hagan Hinson,Tucker Rensburger.
I heard on of tha homies just slaughtered a whole layer of thots.
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