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Also known as "Fluffy-Bunnies"
"It rains when I get sad, because I'm a witch"

"Well, A) you are an Idiot, and B)...well, no A pretty much covers it, you stupid fluffy-bunny"
by Churba December 08, 2004

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A Show Mainly Targeted at Men, the Aim to be a Riotus Celebration of all things Male. The show Was funny for a Time while Still being Hosted by Adam Corolla And Jimmy Kimmel. The show Rapidly went Downhill when They Retired.
It is one of those shows Where you either Love it or Hate it.
When you love it, you think that there could be no show better, But if you hate it, you think it is infantile crap only watched by Giggling teenage idiots looking to get thier rocks off over the juggies.
Such is life.
"Quit your job and light a fart, yank your favorite private part, Its, The, Man show" - Part of the man show theme song
by Churba December 08, 2004

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Also Known as:

Commando (For Men, or Without a Bra for women)

Going Indian

Greyhounding (Greyhounds are often Refered to as little horses, Exept Without Jockeys, As are you if you need the term)

Hangin' Around (For men, mostly)

As Nature Intended

Freeing The Python(Men)

Freeing The Kitten(women)
"Man, I didn' get time to Head down the Landromat, so I had to go Go commando today"
by Churba December 08, 2004

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Birthday: January 23, 1932
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Date of death: May 10, 2000
Cause of death: prostate cancer

Also credited as:
The Fox
William "The Fox" Foster

The story of "The Fox" actually began on the Westwood campus of UCLA, where Foster was a border at a fraternity house. He got his first job performing at The Nickelodeon, a small pub at the corner of McClellan and Wilshire Blvd., and was later hired to work at the Mammoth Mountain Inn. He quickly tired of working for others, however, and decided to strike out on his own.

For more than four decades, Foster was somewhat of a local legend in barrooms across Los Angeles (at least to the crowd that first learned He was the self-proclaimed "World's Fastest Beer Drinker" -- able to guzzle a pint of brew quicker than most of us could spill it on the floor -- and a master performer of what he called "songs your mother wouldn't sing."

Foster was best known as proprietor of the Fox Inn, a popular west side tavern, from 1961 to 1989. He performed there nightly, leading his patrons in song and often challenging unsuspecting beer drinkers to chugging races. But the highlight of each night was to see Foster chug a pint of beer while standing on his head.

It wasn't long before Foster's combination of naughty lymrics and stupid human tricks began turning heads in Hollywood. Although his act was sometimes considered too outrageous for primetime, he became a frequent guest star on local and national television programs, including The Jeffersons, Taxi, The Mike Douglas Show and Thicke of The Night.

Foster briefly faded from the public eye in the late '90s, but discovered a whole new audience on cable television. In the summer of 1999, he combined the duties of emcee, house band and sidekick to stars Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel on Comedy Central's top-rated hit, The Man Show, Where He is Credited as the Creator of The Man Show Toast, also known as Ziggy Zahgee.

He Sadly Passed Away on May 10th 2000, of Prostrate Cancer. He will Be Very Sadly missed.
And Fox? Wherever you are, We are still hoisting a Beer and Giving a cheer for you every time. We miss you, buddy.
In honor of the Fox, One more time now.

Ziggy Zahgee, Ziggy Zahgee, Hoy hoy hoy!
Ziggy Zahgee, Ziggy Zahgee, Hoy hoy hoy!
Ziggy Zahgee, Ziggy Zahgee, Hoy hoy hoy!
*Chug your beers!*
by Churba December 15, 2004

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1) A Place where Persons of a particular Religion, Usualy Christian, Gather to Worship their Particular Religon/Affliction/Cult/whatever

2)A Character In the Popular Web Series "Red Vs Blue" made by Rooster Teeth Productions.
Full name: Private Lenard L. Church
He is Characterised by His Aqua Colored Armor.
"Hi! I'm Private L. L. Church, of The popular Web Series, Red Vs Blue." - Church
by Churba December 08, 2004

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