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Nickname for magnus, this is a powerful and sweet person, with alot of feelings as well as alot of streght. But he sux so bad at cs.
MAGGE YUO SUX TEH FUX!!!!!!11!1one!!1
by Christoffer January 5, 2005
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Commonly used in multiplayer fps before a match begins.
Before the match, after the warmup:
<morre> Everyone ready?
<Lithos> y
<Acidr> yupp

Server: 3 rs then go go go!
by Christoffer February 11, 2004
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Christoffer is god's god
He is both manly and strong that his muscles sticks out of his head disguised as curls.
God was jalous of christoffer's cock, that he cut it off at replaced it wit another cock.
Christoffer's old cock is now known as mt. Everest and his cum created the "milky" way
by Christoffer May 22, 2017
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