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A Pentium 90. 90 MHZ chip produced by Intel in the early to mid 90's.Antiquated technology compared to todays P4 chips which clock around 3 gigahertz.
Dewd that old p90 computer is nothing more than an oversized paperweight. You should put that thing in a museum.
by Christo December 18, 2003
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The spot between where a guys balls end and his bunghole starts. see also taint & gooch.
I'm sweatin' my baduba off.

I'll kick you in your baduba.
by Christo October 29, 2003
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derevitive of deuce. noun. the excrement that is produced by "dropping a deuce". poop.
i have to drop a deuceski.

i made a run for the boarder @ taco bell and now i have to drop a big deuceski.
by Christo October 27, 2003
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urbandictionary.com has been overloaded by geeks who must think that everyone who visits the site is familiar with people that go to their school and knows every single person they make obscure refrences to.
ex: girLinda. Some girl named Linda in my algegra class with nasty horse teech and stank breath.
by Christo December 18, 2003
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a butter sculptor with a strong sexual passion for mannequins.
Vatt Mictor sculpted his real doll out of butter.
by Christo January 17, 2005
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