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A phrase to describe when another has extreme jealousy toward you or another.
Person 1: That's bullshit you got five numbers tonight and I couldn't even get a girl to notice I was alive.

Person 2: Dont hate me cuz you aint me
by Chris Waltham July 30, 2010
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This phrase became popular from the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. song One More Chance.

Meaning that you don't fall into a women's attempt to play games / play hard to get.

If a woman doesn't treat you right, you can and will replace her without question with another woman.

Women for you are a dime a dozen.

This definition could also be reversed for a women to a man.
Person 1: Hey man I heard Heather was playing games with you the other night at the club

Person 2: Yea, for real man, she be trifilin sometimes but i cant help it... girl got me twisted.

Person 1: See bro that's exactly why I don't chase em i replace em. These old girls gotta know, if they play games they gotta go..

Person 2: Damn fool you harsh.

Person 1: Thats how I roll bro
by Chris Waltham January 23, 2011
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An extremely bad break up that could become violent. Shit hit's the fan like someone tossed a grenade in a crowded elevator, always involving insults, drama and screaming.

After this type of break up there is never a chance of getting back together only a slight chance of future hate sex. You will always despise your ex after this.
Boyfriend: "I hate you and never want to see you again you psycho whore.. were finished!!!"

Girlfriend: "I never want to see you again either douche bag, I'm getting laid tonight by another guy don't you worry!!"

Boyfriend: "Been there done that... I'll be smashing two skanks by midnight, peace out!"

Girlfriend: "You sucked in bed anyways and best of luck with your twizzler dick"

Mutual Friend of Both: "Damn did you hear what happen to them... total grenade break up"
by Chris Waltham December 31, 2010
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This is someone usually on a forum, youtube or anywhere online with a comment section that thumbs down every comment on the thread.

Could be a correlated with a troll.

The thumb downers motive could be just boredom or just an attempt to cause drama online.
Person 1: Wow did you see the comment section on that youtube video every comment has a thumbs down.

Person 2: The thumb's down fairy strikes again
by Chris Waltham January 23, 2011
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This occurs most frequently when you are in a hurry or already late to be somewhere. No matter how fast you drive or what roads you take you still get stuck by every red light.

The most frustrating thing that happens is when you are approaching an intersection with a green light and just when you think you finally will catch a break.. the light turns to a quick yellow back to red.

This can be a contributing factor to inducing road rage.
Driver: Alright last call is in 20 mins guys we can make it.

15 mins later......

Passenger 1: Ok this isn't even cool.. we seriously got every red light so far.

Passenger 2: Were officially trapped in the red light vortex.. kiss that tasty cold pitcher of beer goodbye guys...
by Chris Waltham April 19, 2011
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Instead of spiking a women's drink with a date rape drug, you spike it with Plan B.
Sarah: Hey are you wearing a condom?

Colin: Ummm No... but were good.

.....Later the next day......

Josh: Hey Colin I heard you raw dogged Sarah last night, aren't you worried you got her preggos??

Colin: No man I Broofied her at the bar before I took her home.

Josh: Well played sir...
by Chris Waltham August 10, 2012
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This is when a guy is taking a shit in a port-a-potty while receiving oral sex. Once he finishes he dunks the girls face in the blue water. Her face is blue from the water and should look very grumpy if done properly.

Similar to the blumpkin but with a sly unpredictable ending
Person 1: My girl cheated on me and i want to end it and get her back at the same time, any ideas?

Person 2: Nothing says its over better then the grumpy smurf my friend
by Chris Waltham November 01, 2011
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