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N.Irish term for all right, satisfactory, of sufficient quality.


Someone who is alright, doesnt annoy you at all and generally tries not to piss other people off.
"How was the meal?" "Dead on?"

"What's jonny like" "Aw he's a dead on fella"
by Chris May 23, 2004
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When someone pinches your nipple and painfully twists them untill they bleed or bruse.
The other day I had two friends over. As one held me down the othe gave me a titty twister and part of my nipple fell off. (This is a true story)
by Chris December 28, 2003
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One who starts trouble.
Don't invite that kid to a party, he's a real rable rouser.
by Chris March 15, 2005
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An interjection used to delineate discontent towards a preposterous statement.
Bob: "San Andreas is the worst game ever"
Steve: "UGH!"
by Chris January 03, 2005
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In modern day United States, Roshambo or Rochambeau is when two or more guys kick, punch, squeeze, or knee each other in the groin to win something (an object, money, bets, etc..) untill one of them gives up or falls down. The last one standing wins. This is a modern American twist on the game.

It is also a very old word of Egyptian origin for the child game "Paper, Sissors, Rock".

In the TV series South Park, Cartman and his friends play the game "I'll Rochambeau you for it", by kicking the opponent in the crotch. The first one to fall over loses the game. This of course means the first person to go is usually the winner. This is a way of choosing, and it's called Rochambeau.
"How about we all throw some money into a pile and see who can win it... ROSHAMBO STYLE!"
by Chris November 05, 2004
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a subspecies of the infamous juggalo. they are, as our generation likes to call them, "wannabe" juggalos. there is some confusion to the laymen about what this is sometimes. the fact is that anyone who wants to be "down wid da clown" is neither reputable nor intelegent. thus they are intrinsicly the same.
i sent three juggahos to jail and another has AIDS. my day is good.
by chris January 23, 2005
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missionary sex position
we did it in the mish posish
by Chris April 07, 2005
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