25 definitions by Chris from Vancouver

White-hot Scottish songstress.

Will totally fuck you up.

Remember Saruman's power of voice? Well Annie's got mad powers with that set of pipes. Boo-ya Grandma!
by Chris from Vancouver August 6, 2006
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The guys just kept respawning... heading over to the control point... killing the guy there, getting killed by the guy right behind them. It was a total clusterfuck.
by Chris from Vancouver January 5, 2009
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These are articles worn by a party not at all interested in fucking. They are warning lights: stay away -- too hot. Do not touch with a 10-inch penis. Et cet er a.
"She was wearing black fuck-me pumps"

She looked hot.

"The example doesn't use the word come fuck me boots"
by Chris from Vancouver December 7, 2006
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A person or thing looked upon with respect and admiration due to its valued qualities.
Wikipedia is the fair-haired child of the internet.
by Chris from Vancouver December 7, 2007
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A cult member. They enter and leave the cult through doors.
"The mass wedding will occur at 11:59 sharp!"

"The example does not use the word doorie"
by Chris from Vancouver December 8, 2006
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A little less than sex, a little more than nothing.
Julia and Charles had a sad fuck together over the long weekend. They both cried before, during, and after the act -- but only in their insides!
by Chris from Vancouver August 7, 2006
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I really, really, unusual, rather comically-gay way of saying 'arse', or 'ass', or 'butt'.
X: So what?

Y: ORSE!!! ORSE!!!!
by Chris from Vancouver November 6, 2006
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