The active verb for skogging. (see urban dictionary for skogging).

skogging is a skateboarding technique requiring both legs to pedal one's skateboard. the word is a mixture of skateboarding and jogging, thus..skogging!
I bunch of us down at Mission Beach will be skogging this afternoon. Will anyone else want to skog?

by Chris Yandall January 31, 2006
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some try to trace it back to a combination of skank and hog, but it isn't. instead it is just a random syllable with no clear meaning, used as an insult when you cannot think of anything else to say.

first used in august 2004, by me. so ha!
margot is such a skog.
by requiem September 23, 2004
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an aussie(skip)attempting to be a wog
by ken and les March 10, 2004
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a piece of crap that hangs from your butt that just does not want to fall into the toilet.
dude that mixture of corn nuts and milk gave me some major skogs..
by Joves II April 9, 2008
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Canadian slang for a beer bong. Can also be used as a verb (skogging)
Hey man, don't forget to bring the skog for when we go camping this week.
by Lantoka August 17, 2005
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To use a nipple to penetrate a sexual partner. (anal or vaginal)
That chick totally skogged that guy in the ass.
by SexLlama October 14, 2004
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In 1975, Chris Yandall, World Slalom Skateboard champ wrote an article that was published in Skateboarder Magazine "Cut the Jive and Jog"(1975). In 2004, while riding his skateboard after a major celebration session at Mission Beach LaHaina's down the boardwalk, the word "skogging" popped in his head.

Skateboarding and jogging. "SKOGGING" which led to the website to commemorate this new action sport niche.
"Yo. Dude! Let's go skogging!"


"Use your noggin, let's go skogging.
by Chris Yandall October 10, 2004
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