type of weed; fucks you up fast.
i just smoked two bowls o' krip.
by chela March 16, 2004
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The abbreviation from the wort ,, Kripo“, the Definition of the Criminal Investigation Department of Germany
Look, there are krips..
by Toward1212 May 23, 2020
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(v.) to trash, mess up, take, litter on, steal
I just kripped a bite of mom's chocolate cake while he went to the restroom.

The middle schoolers kripped our table again! There's trash all over it; why don't they clean up after themselves?!
by justgotkripped January 27, 2011
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A very talented and experienced developer with goals to surpass Zed and John in every way possible
e.g: Krip can code you a girlfriend API! so you wont have to be lonely anymore!

person: Oh! THANKS!
by Krip9 December 5, 2020
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Gay-ass nigga who whacks his gack to Korean pop shit.
“Wanna invite Tyson to the J. Cole concert?”
“Nah nigga that Krip he goin to that bts shit later tonight.”
by El ritardo June 8, 2018
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A KKK member, but a Crip at the same time. Doesn't make much sense does it?
Ku Klux Krips hate themselves
by JTheG April 18, 2008
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