3 definitions by Cheeseball123

A privilege to basically anyone who isnt white.
Minority 1: I got into Harvard with a 3.5 GPA!!
White dude: I got rejected with a 4.0
Minority 1: Minority Privilege
by Cheeseball123 February 14, 2021
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Racism. Occasionally pseudoscience and even history, but only in *attempts* to justify or validate said racism... thats mostly it. ‘Woke’ could be thrown in there but its a given.
Guy 1: what is Black Twitter?
Guy 2: just open racism towards anyone who isnt black, mostly white but sometimes even other minorities.

Guy 1: yeah that’s what I thought.
by Cheeseball123 February 25, 2021
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A liberal YouTube channel/talk show hosted by Cody Johnston, basically a leftist Ben Shapiro with one less Harvard diploma and virtually no critical thinking skills or common sense.
Dickhead 1: Dude, the ‘Some More News’ YouTube channel guy is a GENIUS!
Dickhead 2: Ah, I remember my Ben Shapiro phase.
by Cheeseball123 August 26, 2020
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