When a 12 year old wants to insult you but has a mental deficiency.
U mom gaiyeh
by A_Mistake March 30, 2018
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the best answer to any conflict and can only be beaten with no u.
guy 1: u mom gay
guy 2: u dad lesbian
guy 1: u sister a mister
guy 2: u brothers ur mother
guy 1:u granny tranny
guy 2: u grandpap a trap
guy 1: u family tree lgbt
guy 2:NO U
guy 1: *fucking dies*
by Karen the kid abducter March 28, 2019
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Is U Mom more than gay? More than Tri? WELL! U Mom Quad means that she like Guys, Gurls, Helicopters, and Lamps.
Person1: U Mom Quad!
Person2: NO U
Person1: NANI?!?!
by Cyka Blyat KING September 24, 2018
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