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In politics, it is a second stream of bullshit that mirrors that of someone else with a mutual interest of deception. The matching steam of deception is called a parabollock mirror from the British root of bollocks, representing bullshit or deception.
An an example, from Canadian politics, is the introduction of a cover story by Nigel Wright to match the legally protected stream of bullshit that Stephen Harper has been offering over the last couple months on the Senate expense scandal of Mike Duffy. In this example, Stephen Harper looks to his former staffer to provide a cover story of mirrored deceit and thus forms the parabollock mirror of his untruthful story.
by Charlie Currie November 21, 2013
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The feeling you get when you've been apologized to by a politician, yet you feel like they've just said, "Go fuck yourself!"
When a mayor of a city, let's say of the size of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, makes an apology that leaves you with the feeling that they just didn't mean it and were telling you where to go is fordnication.
by Charlie Currie November 18, 2013
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Term of endearment when you mistype the word "you".
I loe uoi.
by Charlie Currie October 30, 2017
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A form of municipal government where the use of crack is an aspect to the operation of the government or could be said to "sometimes do the talking".
The cities of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Washington, D.C., United States of America were led by Rob Ford and Marion Barry, both of whom admitted to the occasional use of crack cocaine. This form of government is known as a cracktalkracy or cracktocracy.
by Charlie Currie November 18, 2013
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In Toronto, a key to the city is more likely to involve a kilo than something that opens a lock.
when someone tells you they want a key (kilo) in Toronto, they don't mean a key to the city
by Charlie Currie November 14, 2013
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