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The whole thing is a philosophical experiment within a sociological experiment within a virtual experiment within your own little delusion of "the collective" while you are alone in your room typing to an electronic box on your desk...

...of your delusional interaction with other chat members, who are merely different aspects of your mind...personified into compartmentalized "others"...

... yet they are simply preprogrammed chat icons responding to your delusional grasp of having a conversation...
These people in this chatroom sure have their cyber delusion on.
by ChaoticLunatic May 01, 2009
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Big corporations stealing your hard earned money with their fees, usage charges & service costs. And there's nothing you can do about it.


Banks nickle & diming you to death with service charges that cost them NOTHING to process.

Gas companies lowering the price per litre/gallon a few cents for a week then raising the price a few cents higher than the original price to trick the public into thinking they are getting a deal.

Paying fukn 25 cents to use a public washroom.

Paying a bridge/road toll when Publics Works has already paid off this infrastructure.

Visa/Mastercard gouging your eyeballs out with 21% service charges.

Your government taxing you / stealing from you whenever you open your wallet.

1) Gee, I thought I had a few bucks to rent a few movies this weekend but the bank took out it's $100 service fees for the month. There they go with their corporate pickpocketing again. Guess I'll have to torrent some movies for free. ;)

2) I filled up my gas tank today just so I could get to work, now I have to put in overtime to pay for my goddamn gas money to just get to work! .. damn gas companies up to their usual corporate pickpocketing as always
by ChaoticLunatic August 07, 2009
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A person or thing that is close to being what it truly is, but slightly misaligned or shaped by it's percieved misinterpretation.

Error in judgement.
1) John fell into his juxtaproxy trying to impress his friends again. I was he would just be himself.

2) From a distance I thought I had seen a rabbit cross the road, but it turned out to be a juxtaproxy. It was a tumbleweed.
by ChaoticLunatic May 01, 2009
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Calling in sick for work with the excuse you have the flu, when in fact your are hungover.
Billy was wasted last night so he called in sick for work today with a flangover.
by ChaoticLunatic April 28, 2009
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Anyone of Middle East descent who has a family member who profits from the oil industry.
(1) Damn these Tarsauds just raised the price per barrel of oil again.

(2) This Tarsaud just challenged me to a drag race with his shiny new BMW!
by ChaoticLunatic April 25, 2008
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Uncontrollable laughing. Unable to cease laughing when wanting to. Most commonly induced by overtiredness, mental fatigue & coping with stress.
1) I felt bad for that news anchor on News9 who had a bad case of the laughies while reporting live on that recent homicide.

2) I had a case of the laughies today while at my job interview. I doubt I'll get the job.
by ChaoticLunatic May 13, 2009
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Lying down with intentions of a short nap then waking up 12 or more hours later thinking only an hour or two has passed.

When you are real tired and ly down for a nap at 6pm then wake up 6am thinking it's 7pm the night before cause it is still sunny out.

When your body plays tricks on your mind.
That was quite the napezoid I had after getting off the plane, was supposed to meet Ferris after my nap, turns out I slept straight throught till the next day.

I miss out on the party tonight after having a loong napezoid. Next time I'll be sure not to work a double shift before planning to go out afterwards.
by ChaoticLunatic May 21, 2010
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